Screen Protector Item ID: #621

5x HTC Inspire 4G Premium Clear LCD Screen Protector


Product Information:

  • Pre-cut to match screen shape, no cutting is required! Cover the whole screen!
  • Shield and protect your screen from unwanted scratches
  • Anti-UV, filter out 99% of UV light from your screen or reflecting to your eyes
  • Reduce-Glare, reduce annoying surface glare under bright lights
  • Self-adhering, Leaves no sticky residue after removed!

Item Description

Our screen protector is made from the best material import from Japan. This is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, we designed and pre-cut to fit each device in San Francisco. Each screen Protector will MATCH its screen shape and cover the FULL screen, not just the picture area, there will be no cutting or trimming is required. Does not interfere with a touch display and writing surface, gives pleasant feel and excellent character recognition. Easy to install, just follow the instruction to apply. comes with cleaning cloth. It is self-adhering to the screen surface. It will leaves no sticky residue if you decide to remove it later. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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