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Gadgetwear Protective Vinyl Skin Decal For Apple iPhone 4G (Superman)


Product Information:

  • Protects your iphone from scratches and dings, it’s dustproof and waterproof.
  • Has a feel and look of leather and is made of a vinyl skin that is so thin, that the iphone can still be used with a cover or a case.
  • This decal skin is easly removable and will not leave any sticky residue, will not rub off or fade, there is no trimming necessary will fit your iphone perfectly.
  • This premium vinyl decal has a high resolution design that is eye-catching!!
  • The brilliant colors in these decal skin will let your iphone stand out from the rest.

Item Description

Premium 2pc. Apple iPhone protection vinyl decal skin covers the front trim of the iphone and the complete back. Compatible Model : 16GB 32GB For Apple iPhone 4G Only

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