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HTC Inspire 4G AT&T Car Windshield Mount Cradle Kit



  • Superior Quality,and Durability!
  • Back of Holder and Arms are lined with Soft Neoprene foam to keep your device scratch-free
  • High quality Vac-u-lock Suction cup mount for Sturdy installation
  • Arms are adjustable and can hold your Inspire 4G while in a case!
  • Allows you to select any mounting angle you would like, for vertical or horizontal mounting

Descrição do Produto

Enjoy mounting your HTC phone wherever you go!

This is perfect for when you use with Nav, Watching videos, or Simply just to keep it up in your sight.


1- Adjustable Universal Holder

1- Adjustable Arm with Power-Vac Suction Cup

1- Optional Adhisive mount if you want to mount it somewhere other than the windshield

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