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LCD Screen Display,New FM Transmitter/Car charger/Holder/Car Mount For all iPhones

Product Information:

  • High Powered FM Transmitter – Plays Music and Answeres Calls from Car Speakers
  • USB Interface – Reads and Plays MP3-WMA Music Files from your phone
  • LED Screen Display
  • Charge Mobile Phones and Bluetooth Devices with USB Cable
  • Adjustable cigarette lighter Mount with Strong sturdy Dock keeps your Device secure while Driving

Item Description

Features :


-Suitable for all iPhones (includes iPhone 4G, 3Gs), iPods (all generations), MP3 players in all vehicles

-Supports iPhone hands-free talking through car stereo system

-Hi-Fi FM stereo transmit at 88.1-107.9 MHz brings you perfect music enjoying, Supports 200 FM stations.

-Supports charging for Mobile Phone, GPS and other devices (through Mini 5-Pin Jack) with outside 5V, 1A USB socket.

-Easy to install

-The flexible goose-pipe allows bending and turning to use this with virtually any vehicle.

-The cradle is lined with sold silicone material to protect your device, with flexible clamp to keep your iPhone/devices securely in place.


Instructions for FM Transmitter :


1. Plug in the dock connector cable to your iPod

2. Tune your car stereo to an unused FM frequency

3. Tune Car Kit to the same FM frequency

4. Your iPod music will be played through your car sterero

Instructions for iPhone Hands-Free Talking :


1. Plug in the dock connector cable to your iPhone

2. Plug the included 3.5mm audio cable into both your iPhone and Car Kit

3. Use the FM transmitter capabilities as normal

4. When you receive a call, Car Kit will switch to hands-free talking through your car stereo automatically


Specification :


-Frequency range : 88.1?107.9Mhz(0.1Mhz/step)

-Input : DC 12V(Vehicle power)

-USB output : 5V 1A max

-Temperature : 0~+55?

-Effective distance : >5m


Package Including :


1x FM Transmitter + Holder

1x Remote Control

1x 3.5mm male to male audio cable

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