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OEM Samsung USB Travel Charger Adapter w/ Data Cable micro USB ETA0U60JBE for Samsung Epic 4G Captivate Fascinate Gravity T Intercept Messager Touch Seek Smiley :) Strive Vibrant Exec Eternity II

Product Information:

  • Charge your phone from a wall outlet via AC adapter and micro USB cable.
  • Charge your phone from a computer USB port via micro USB cable.
  • Sync and transfer files to and from your computer and phone via micro USB data cable.
  • Samsung part numbers ETA0U60JBE / ETA0U60JBEGSTA.

Item Description

Samsung USB Travel Charger Adapter w/ Data Cable comes in handy because it can charge your phone from an outlet or USB port and provides data transfer/sync capabilities. Compact AC charger adapter and cable are is small enough to fit in a briefcase when traveling, but is also convenient enough to be used as a secondary charger at home or in the office.

Compatible with :

Samsung Eternity II A597

Samsung Strive A687

Samsung Flight A797

Samsung Rugby II A847

Samsung Mythic A897

Samsung Flight II A927

Samsung Epic 4G SPH-D700

Samsung Code SCH-i220

Samsung Exec SCH-i225

Samsung Intrepid SPH-i350

Samsung Fascinate SCH-i500

Samsung Captivate SGH-i897

Samsung Omnia II SCH-i920

Samsung M220 / SPH-M220

Samsung M240 / SPH-M240

Samsung M320 / SPH-M320

Samsung M330 / SPH-M330

Samsung Seek SPH-M350

Samsung Rant SPH-M540

Samsung Exclaim SPH-M550

Samsung Reclaim SPH-M560

Samsung Restore SPH-M570

Samsung Highnote SPH-M630

Samung Instinct HD SPH-M850

Samsung Moment SPH-M900

Samsung Intercept SPH-M910

Samsung Transform SPH-M920

Samsung Stunt SCH-R100

Samsung Stride SCH-R330

Samsung Freeform SCH-R351 R350

Samsung MyShot II SCH-R460

Samsung TwoStep SCH-R470

Samsung Messager II SCH-R560

Samsung Messager Touch SCH-R630 / SCH-R631

Samsung Caliber SCH-R850

Samsung Acclaim SCH-R880

Samsung Craft SCH-R900

Samsung Smiley : ) T359

Samsung T369

Samsung Gravity 3 T479

Samsung Gravity T T669

Samsung Behold II T939

Samsung Vibrant T959

Samsung Haven SCH-U320

Samsung Gusto SCH-U360

Samsung Intensity II SCH-U460

Samsung Reality SCH-U820

Other Samsung cell phones and PDA phones equipped with a micro USB charging port.

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