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PALM CENTRO 690 TOUCH SCREEN CELL PHONE!Mint Condition for Verizon Wireless with No Contract – Refurbished in Brand New Housing and 30 Day Seller’s Warranty (Refurbished)

Product Information:

  • Included is : Palm Centro Phone, Battery, Stylus, USB Hotsync cable, Wall Charger, Back Door!
  • ESN Cleared and Ready for Activation on Verizon Wireless
  • This Phone is Refurbished and comes with a 30 day sellers Warranty
  • Have Google Maps right on your Phone so that yo can get driving directions, etc. , Bluetooth Enabled, Calendar, Color Screen, Email Access, Internet Browser, MMS Enabled, Mobile TV Capable, MP3 Player, PDA-PC Sync, Polyphonic Ringtones, QWERTY Keyboard, SMS-Text Messaging, Speakerphone, Touch Screen, USB Interface, Video Recording, Video Streaming, Voice-Activated Dialing
  • Comprehensive organizer functions, digital audio player, and 1.3-megapixel camera/camcorder

Item Description

Are you tired of carrying Both a Phone and a Palm Pilot PDA? The Treo is for you! Is keeping track of your Appointments, meetings, contacts, to do lists, too much for you to handle? The Centro is for you! Are you a text messaging addict, or do you type alot on your phone? The Treo is for you! with its QWERTY keyboard. Do you need access to the Internet and to your email at all times? The Treo is for you! Do you want your cell phone to act as your MP3 Player? The Treo is for you! Do you want to Play games on your phone in your spare time? The Treo is for you! (get your own games).

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