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Palm Pixi Plus Cell Phone for Verizon with 3G-enabled Smartphone, Touchscreen, QWERTY, GPS, Mobile Hotspot, 2MP Camera/Camcorder, Bluetooth, Stereo Music, Wi-Fi (Factory Refurbished)

Product Information:

  • 3G-enabled smartphone with intuitive Palm webOS platform, touchscreen and full QWERTY keyboard
  • GPS-enabled for turn-by-turn directions; can be used as a 3G Mobile Hotspot for up to five Wi-Fi connected devices
  • 8 GB internal memory; 2-megapixel camera/camcorder; Bluetooth stereo music streaming; Wi-Fi-enabled
  • Up to 5.2 hours of talk time, up to 350 hours (14.5 days) of standby time
  • What’s in the Box : Refurbished Handset, Battery, AC charger, micro USB cable

Item Description

The thinnest Palm mobile phone yet, the Palm Pixi Plus for Verizon Wireless is a smartphone that’s designed to be easy to use and light in your pocket. In addition to high-speed connectivity on the fast and reliable Verizon Wireless 3G network, the phone’s memory has been doubled to 8 GB and it comes with a built-in 3G Mobile Hotspot that can be shared via Wi-Fi among five devices–laptop, another phone, MP3 player, and more.

The phone’s full QWERTY keyboard puts it all at your fingertips, and the multi-touch screen lets you move back and forth between open applications using natural gestures. The unique removable back cover is rubberized, making it scratch-resistant, slip-resistant and durable. With Palm webOS, you can keep multiple activities open and move easily between them–like flipping through a deck of cards, using natural gestures. This allows for easy movement between messaging and e-mail or searching the Web while listening to music, and items are rearranged simply by dragging them.

Palm’s webOS interface brings together the most important information from your phone, at work or on the Web, into one logical view. In addition to linking information from Google, Facebook, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and LinkedIn, Palm Pixi Plus adds Yahoo! integration to Palm Synergy, which offers :

Linked contacts that displays contacts from a variety of sources in a single view. Layered calendars that combine all your activities into one view–work, family, friends, sports teams and other interests Combined messaging presents all your MMS and IM conversations with the same person in a chat-style view. You’ll stay on course thanks to the VZ Navigator GPS turn-by-turn direction service. Other features : 2-megapixel camera/camcorder, digital audio player, Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free devices & stereo music streaming, access to personal and corporate e-mail, and up to 5.2 hours talk time. Phone is Factory Refurbished & LIKE NEW condition.

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