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Universal Car Mount Holder For HTC, Cell Phone, MP3, MP4, PDA

Product Information:

  • Such a universal car mount holder can be extended to all the 5-arrow directions to allow holding your cell phone, PDA, MP3/MP4 player.
  • It is convenient for you to mount your cell phone, PDA, MP3/MP4 player on the windshield of your car or hook in the cote of air-conditioner in your car when you are driving.
  • It also can stand on your desk when you enjoy your music. with oil pressure damping technique, it can make the wrings in a low noise. When it is open, the space of the wrings is only from 39mm to 110mm.
  • You can note that the connecting bar of the sucker can be bent and adjustable. The main body can be turned with 360 degrees.

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Universal Car Mount Holder For Cell phone / MP3 / MP4/ PDA

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