Audio Adapters Item ID: #341

XLR Jack to iPhone and Other Compatible Devices for XLR Microphones to be Plugged In to the iPhone for Professional Recording, with a 3.5mm Mini Jack for Headphones,

Product Information:

  • Connects Professional XLR Microphones to the iPhone
  • Professional iPhone Recording
  • Stereo Mini Jack for Headphones
  • Premium shielded Coax A/V cable

Item Description

This cable has a XLR female connector which allows connecting a professional microphone with XLR connectors like a Shure SM58 or a Sennheiser E835 etc. to an iPhone or other compatible device for professional recording, Use this instead of relying on the iPhone’s built in microphone and you’ll get much better results, it also has a headphone jack to connect any stereo headphones for monitoring,

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